Saturday, November 11, 2006


Last year, I tried Yesterday, I quit. It's all just too weird. I got the most bizarre people responding to my ads. One who told me he, "voted for Bush because I knew he'd have the balls to push the button." Another who was a total racist. Another who was a parolee. And so on. None were married, as far as I know, but... it took way too much time with too little reward.

So, after being unsuccessful there, I'm quitting. I actually though I had quit a month ago, but realized that somehow I'd been automatically renewed. Now, my friends are egging me on to be a speed-dating guinea pig. I'm undecided about the quality of this idea, but probably will jump in. A few adventures are a good thing.

How do people meet people? This is my question. Somehow I don't meet them, unless they are 40 year old guys who want me to be their mothers. Time to pull out the dominatrix tricks. Less compassion, more edge.

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