Wednesday, December 27, 2006

negative ghostrider, the pattern is full

Just received a rejection from a boy on my invitation. Ah well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I do feel that my overtures are usually rebuffed, though. Is that becuase I don't do it right?

What is the right way to ask a person out? If I'm going to get to 24 dates (with more than one person) I am going to have to figure it out. Because there is no guarantee that people I am interested in are necessarily going to ask me.

The other boy just called me, and wanted some company - I'm still interested, but just feel like I don't want that distraction right now. Not that I am uninterested - just that I keep hoping for that spark of something more.

The spark that has me reaching - not just being reached for. The spark that makes me want to drop everything, at least for a little while. The spark that has me hanging on their words, listening for their voice for endless hours without excess judgment.

This is why the 24 dates are so necessary, I think.


doughnutjane said...

Spark is good.

Wish I had some tips for you, but as a serial monagomist, I don't do much dating. Maybe email is the wrong way to go?

thirty girl said...


i know. serial monogamy leads to a lack of dating skills.